Coconuts on a Belize Beach

 Belize is one of those places that once you arrive, you immediately start breathing slower, walking slower, and even thinking slower.  You start wondering what all the rush was about back home, and you start taking notice of the small moments.  The way the breeze sounds as it rushes through the palm trees, the frigate birds and the way they swoop through the air, the days that the sea is smooth as glass, the smiles that other people are giving you.
I only got to scratch the surface of things when I went to Belize, and I definitely plan on returning  for more. I went to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.  These two magical islands are full of beauty.  Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the people who live there make these two perfect spots in Belize even more gorgeous.  It is part of Central America, but English is the official language, which makes communication rather easy if English is your native language.  I will say the locals have their own dialect, though, and it made for some funny times trying to figure out what they were trying to say. There is a lot of diversity in Belize, and you will come across people from many different cultures who speak many languages.
Dogs napping on steps in Belize
I also really enjoyed the food of Belize.  The islands offered a lot of  fresh fish, stone crab claws, and ceviche.  The Guatemalans brought their pupusas, and I usually ate one of those at the street stands on my way to dinner.  Also, jerk chicken and curry was a great offering from the Carribeans.  One of my favorite things for breakfast was key lime pie.  Yeah, I know that’s supposed to be dessert, buy, hey, I was on vacation!

Belize wharf

No matter what you do in Belize, when you return you will feel refreshed, restored, and deeply amused at the people all around you who are living their lives in such a rush.

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Val on a Belize Beach