Ambon, Maluku

Ambon is the capital of Maluku, the cluster of spice islands which lie in the middle of Indonesia.  This entire area is very remote, and is not often visited by tourists. If you are traveling to Kai Island, you may find yourself needing to stay here for a night or two. I wouldn’t recommend staying here for longer than a few days. Good food is hard to find.  The city itself is very busy and hectic, and there isn’t really a lot to do.  Also, the beaches are better on the outlying islands.  Ambon overlooks the bay, and is still a pretty island, but not as pretty as the others.
Ambon rickshaw driver
Ambon is served by several airlines that fly here from Java, Sulawesi, Timor, North Maluku and Papua.  Lion/Wings Air is probably the least expensive airline to fly on to get there.  I stayed in the Amans hotel in one of the newer rooms which were decent.  I liked the fact that there was a workout room with elliptical machines and free weights.  The internet didn’t work well in the rooms, so the downside was having to sit in the smoke-filled restaurant.  The food at the restaurant, though, was better than any of the other food that I found in Ambon.  There is also a shopping mall in Ambon with a good grocery store inside if you find yourself in need of supplies.  To get around, the most fun way is to take the becaks or bicycle rickshaws.

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