Patzcuaro is a charming town in the state of Michoacán.  My favorite area of Patzcuaro was Lake Patzcuaro. The lake has many islands that you can take boats to. I took a boat to Yunuen.  Not many tourists visit Yunuen, and only five families still live on the island.

Patzcuaro Yunuen view

The view from Yunuen Island

The feeling I got when I arrived was one of perfect tranquility.  There were beautiful flowers and plants everywhere, and birds of all kinds soared through the air.  When I arrived, children starting making their way, one by one, towards me.  They were each carrying a flower.  I felt like I had arrived in a perfect paradise.

Child in Patzcaro

One of the children of Isla de Yunuen

The Cabañas Yunuen Centro Ecoturistico are a great place to stay if you want to linger in the peace and quiet a bit longer.  Their cabanas remind me of quaint rustic cabins, and one of them had room for 16 people.  It’s a great choice for a family reunion.  They even have a huge BBQ grill outside for you to cook your carne asada on. They also have a choice of a restaurant that you can dine at.

Don’t leave Patzcuaro without visiting La Pollita Feliz.  It’s under an open air tent, and you will be served the best meal of grilled chicken, enchiladas, and carrots, potatoes, and onions.  It’s a meal I won’t soon forget.  They are open daily from 5:30pm until 1am.  I also enjoyed La Surtidora with its great view of the park for breakfast. They had amazing coffee and you can even buy Cuban cigars at the restaurant.

La Pollita Feliz, Patzcuaro

Chicken and Enchiladas from La Pollita Feliz

You must reach Patzcuaro either by bus or car, as there is no airport there.   Morelia and Uruapan are the closest cities to take a bus from. The market is fun to explore and has some of the freshest produce that I’ve ever seen.  Patzcuaro is a place that I definitely recommend especially if you are looking to see a piece of real Mexico.

Children of Patzcuaro

The delightful children of Yunuen Island