Phi Phi

Long boat on Phi PhiEven though Phi Phi Island was touristy and not as off the beaten path as I like to go, I absolutely loved it.  Arriving on a boat from Phuket with the towering green cliffs above me and the aquamarine waters below me, I truly felt like one of the explorers from the movie, “The Beach”, which was filmed here.  There was a lot more action on this island than Koh Lipe, but it wasn’t as loud and obnoxious as Phuket.  This is a happy medium between the two, very relaxed, but with an entertaining nightlife.
1-Thailand 630 It is easy to get to Phi Phi by ferry from Phuket, Ko Lanta, and Krabi Town.  To get to nearby islands, you can go by longboat for less than $10.
If you want to go to Maya Bay where “The Beach” was filmed, most snorkeling trips have that as one of their stops.  I found it very beautiful, but very crowded.  It was still fun to see.  Make sure you also don’t miss Monkey Beach.  It is an absolutely gorgeous beach, and yes, monkeys come right down to the beach!
I didn’t really like the hotel that I chose here.  The biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen ran over my foot while I was showering.  There were also big spiders and other bugs in my room, so I can’t give you a good hotel recommendation.
Fire dancersWhatever you do, don’t miss the fire dancers and fun night life on Ton Sai beach.  The party goes until late, and everyone gets involved.  There are many happening spots up and down the beach, and it’s fun walking (or dancing) from place to place.  When I was there, a lovely lightning storm was taking place over the beach so it was a hard choice deciding between watching the lightning or the fire dancers!
Phi Phi is definitely crowded but a place I still consider worth visiting for its majestic cliffs, stunning colors, great snorkeling, and beautiful views.
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Phi Phi longboat

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