Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beach

Sri Lanka was my least favorite place of all the places that I have traveled to. The prices were as high as you find in Europe for places to stay.  While there was some train and bus transportation, you often had to hire drivers which were also very expensive.

Also, I didn’t see anything there that really astounded me.  I went to Colombo, Mirissa Beach, Yala National Park, Udalwale National Park, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, and Negombo.  My favorite part of Sri Lanka were the two National Parks.  I did really enjoy the safaris there.

If you want to see the parks, the easiest way to get to them is by flying into the nearby Hambantota Airport. You can visit the parks and then also take the train to Nuwara Eliya for the beautiful scenery of the tea plantations. Although I, personally,  had a problem with how close the airport is to the animal sanctuaries.

While, I saw many animals, I heard that many of them have left the sanctuary due to the trauma of the airport being so nearby.  I didn’t fly into this airport for this reason, as I didn’t want to support it.  I flew into Colombo Airport instead. If you do this, BEWARE!  There are many people in Colombo who will try to scam you, so be on your guard.  I highly disliked Colombo. If you fly into Colombo, I highly recommend staying in Negombo over Colombo.

Elephant in Sri Lanka, Yala Park

Also, if you are a solo female traveler, please be on your guard.  I had a lot of unpleasant things happen to me.  I also talked to other solo travelers that also had a lot of bad experiences, being on their own.  It is so bad for single women that the airport is even considering handing out pepper spray to every woman who arrives alone.

Also, you should know that you must apply for your visa online before arrival!

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