Railay Beach-Krabi Town

Hidden Cave, Railay

Railay Beach is just stunning, as it’s surrounded by towering limestone cliffs on both sides. But, what I found the most magical was the Hidden Lagoon.  It’s a hike to get to the lagoon part but definitely worth it. I have never seen such emerald-green waters before.  The sand at Railay Beach was fine and soft.  The most fun part was watching all the rock climbers scaling the cliffs hovering over the beach.  There’s a cave you can also hike to, although I didn’t.  This beach is on the Andaman Sea, so the water is warm and with its kayaking ,snorkeling, jungle hiking and rock climbing, it’s the perfect beach for adventurers.  1-Thailand 1035
The only way to get there is by boat, and the ride can be a wet one, so make sure that you waterproof your electronics!
I stayed at the Anyavee Railay Resort, and absolutely loved it.  I stayed in one of the wooden bungalows.  The room was spacious and clean, the bed comfortable, and the free breakfast was great as well.  1-Thailand 1020
The bars are also a lot of fun in Railay with somewhat of a Caribbean atmosphere, playing reggae music, and offering a relaxed vibe.  1-Thailand 1012
Many say that Railay Beach is the best beach in Thailand.  While, I’m not sure that I agree with that, it is very much worth making it one of your stops!
For more information about other places to visit while in Thailand, check out my Thailand Destination Guide.  1-Thailand 1033

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  1. Brenda Hargrove
    Brenda Hargrove / 8-29-2013 / ·

    So beautiful. Will definitely go there

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