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No, Bangkok is not on a beach, but you will, more than likely, spend some time here on your way to visit the many amazing beaches and islands that Thailand has to offer. The street food in Bangkok offers some of the best food in all of Thailand. There is much to see and do in Bangkok. It is very crowded and busy, but the people watching is spectacular. You can pretty much walk down any street and, not only find something good to eat, but also be entertained.

I stayed at the Suk 11 hostel when I went.  It was great.  It was very simple, but had a lot of character.  I had my own private room for $23 a night.  The best part was in the mornings at breakfast they had a spread that was like a coconut custard flavored with tea for spreading on the bread.  It was all I could do not to just pick up the whole jar and eat it by the spoonful.  It was that good.  The location of the hostel was great and very close to the Skytrain.

The main attraction that I recommend seeing in Bangkok is The Grand Palace and Wat Po.  The picture above was taken there.  Wat Po is one of the largest and oldest temples in Thailand and is really an incredible sight. I enjoyed taking a boat on the Chao Phraya River to get here.  It gets more crowded later in the day, so I advise making this one of your first stops!  Also, you may not wear shorts in the temple.

Thai street food

The next best thing I recommend doing is eating.  I think I always had food in my hand the entire time that I was in Bangkok. In fact, I found the best meal that I ate in all of Thailand through the book, Bangkok’s Top 50.  I even recognized the stall because the guy was wearing the same shirt that night as in the picture in the book!  The stall was called Bamee in the Side-Soi of 38 and I had bamee, or Chinese egg noodles with pork dumplings and roasted red pork and crab.  I still think of that meal!! Here is the picture of the place, if you decide to go.  (Maybe take the owner a new shirt while you’re at it!)

Thai street food

A few other things that I recommend in Bangkok are to buy a good map, wear comfortable shoes, and to take taxis rather than tuk tuks, as they are cheaper and more comfortable.  Take the Sky Train as much as possible, as it is easy to use and quicker than being stuck in traffic.  Walk as much as you can, as you will pass more street food carts this say, see more interesting things, and become more a part of the lively energy that is Bangkok!

For more information about the rest of Thailand see my Thailand guide.

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