Todos Santos-The Antidote To Cabo!

Sunset over Todos Santos

Artists, beautiful old world architecture, bird and whale watching, surfing,  wild untamed beaches, and gourmet restaurants were just a few of the things that I found when I got to Todos Santos.  I was also glad to discover that Todos Santos had a completely different energy than Cabo San Lucas, which was only an hour away.  Los Cerritos is the main beach for seeing sea turtles and for surfing.  I have heard it has become much more developed, though, since I was last there.


Todos Santos Beach
To get there, you will need to rent a car.  If you come from Cabo, about one hour after you leave Cabo, there will be a turnout from the Mexico Highway 19 to the small village of Todos Los Santos.

Todos Santos

You can also get there from the North following 80-mile road that connects La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.   This is also a smooth four-lane highway through the Baja California desert. I loved driving with the ocean on one side and the desert and cactus on the other.  I took so many pictures of cactus while I was there that I had the locals laughing at me.  But, hey, they aren’t something that I am used to seeing everyday!
Todos Santos Cactus
 While there, I stayed in one of my all time favorite places that I’ve ever stayed, Los Colibris.  Los Colibris means, “the hummingbirds.”  And hummingbirds, there were!!  And, stunning views of the ocean from my own rooftop terrace.  The owners of the hotel are on site and are some of the most hospitable people who I’ve ever met.  The best part of staying here is the path that leads you down to a remote beach.  The path is surrounded by yes, more cactus (!) and many different species of birds,  and a beautiful lagoon.  I had the beach to myself the whole time that I was there!   I enjoyed this hotel so much, that I gave it its own review.
Hummingbird at Todos Santos
Todos Santos is Baja’s first member of the more than twenty Magic Towns of Mexico called “Pueblos Mágicos”.  It truly is a magical town and I just bet its character and charm will leave you, too, figuring out how to become an expat in Mexico.

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Val at the beach
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