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The Top Portugal Beaches To Visit

When I booked my trip to Portugal, I knew that there was beautiful places to see in Portugal, delicious food to eat, and incredible charm in Lisbon, but I never imagined how glorious the Portugal beaches would be. I think the Portugal beaches are some of the best beaches in Europe. Here’s my list of the top Portugal beaches you should visit.

The Top Portugal Beaches

The Top Portugal beaches1. Miramar, Porto

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Photo by Joaquim Pinho, Flickr CC

Just outside of Porto, Miramar beach lies in wait like a fairytale just waiting to be read. The best part is it’s usually isolated. Capela do Senhor da Pedra (Lord of the Rock) is the little white chapel that beckons you at the water’s edge.

2. Praia Dona Ana, Lagos

Lagos, Portugal best beaches in the world

Praia Dona Ana is the Portugal beach that stole my heart in what I consider to be the best beach town in Portugal, Lagos. All of the beaches in Lagos were glorious, but this beach located between the cliffs really took my breath away.

This beach (along many others on this list) is located in the Algarve area of Portugal. I found this area to be a very special part of the world. There are many Algarve villas you can rent to have an incredible experience there, the food in the Algarve is like nothing else, and the scenery in the area is like nothing else in the world. If you pick one area of Portugal to visit, this should be it!

3. Praia de Falesia, Vilamoura

Top Portugal Beaches-FALESIA BEACH Photo by josep, Flickr CC

Towering red cliffs greet a Mediterranean blue sea at Praia de Falesia. There are beautiful cycling paths, and the beach is almost always empty. There are also beach chairs that you can rent.

4. Praia de Camilo, Lagos

Praia do Camilo, Top Portugal beaches

If you are looking for seastacks, sea arches, towering cliffs, and crystal blue water this is one of the Portugal beaches you can’t miss. It’s right next to Praia Dona Ana in Lagos. It’s a small beach, so it’s usually very crowded, but the views are stunning.

5. Praia da Adraga, Azenhas do Mar (Sintra)

The top Portugal beaches

Photo by Turist of the world, Flickr CC

This is one of the Portugal beaches that has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe time and time again. You can really feel the ocean’s power here with its huge crashing waves and large rocks. There is an excellent restaurant here with traditional Portuguese food.

6. Ponta de Sao Lourenco, Madeira

Ponta de Sao Lourenco, Top Portugal beaches

Ponta de Sao Lourenco is one of those untouched places which is a combinations of rocks, untamed sea, and wild nature. You can hike, swim and kayak and the views are like nowhere else on earth. You can get there by bus and you can also hire a guide.

7. Praia Sao Rafael, Albufeira

The top Portugal beaches

Photo by Digital Wallpapers, Flickr CC

Praia Sao Rafael is a blissful beach in Portugal with snorkeling, sunbathing, and even a waterfall. The waves are dramatic, and from the cliffs you can hike and see the gorgeous Algarve coastline. There is a nice restaurant on the beach, so it’s easy to stay all day.

8. Praia do Tonel, Sagres

The Top Portugal Beaches

Photo by Andrea Davis,

Praia do Tonel is a beautiful Portugal beach that is great for surfing or watching the surfers from the rustic beach bar. There are towering cliffs, a sandy beach, and it’s just a short walk from Sagres.

9. Praia do Cabedelo, Minho

The Top Portugal Beaches

Photo by Carlos Lourenço, Flickr CC

Praia do Cabedelo has golden, soft sand and high grass-covered sand dunes. The beach is perfect for surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding. There’s also a café where you can watch all the action.

10. Praia de Marinha, Carvoeiro

The Top Beaches In Portugal

Photo by Luis Ascenso, Flickr CC

The Michelin Guide gave Praia de Marinha an award for being one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Europe, and this beach has won countless other awards, too. Old limestone formations rise up to greet you, and the sunbathing here can’t be beat. You can go through a cave to reach the next beach, and you can also hike among the tops of the cliffs.

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