the best places to travel alone

The Best Places To Travel Alone (And Why You Should!)

I prefer to travel alone, and I think it’s something everyone should try at least once in their life. Solo holidays are becoming more popular as many people are deciding to follow their dreams of traveling more. I like traveling alone because I like following my own schedule, and I tend to meet more people when I travel alone than when I do with a friend.

When you travel alone, I feel there is a great opportunity for you to discover yourself, not just the country you are visiting. You will find yourself trying new things and interacting with the locals more. You will break out of your comfort zone and grow as a person as a result. I also like to book tours with Viator, as I tend to meet other travelers on these tours and see more than I would on my own. Here are my picks for the best places to travel alone.

The Best Places To Travel Alone

the best places to travel alone

1. Vietnam

the best places to travel alone

I had such a great time traveling alone in Vietnam. For one thing, I mainly planned my trip around the food. There are great food tours you can book in Vietnam, so you don’t have to try to figure out what all the food is by yourself. There aren’t many people who would have just wanted to spend the entire days and nights eating like I did. You do have to watch out for scams in Vietnam, but Vietnam is very safe. Vietnam has everything from beaches to mountains, and has a beautiful culture to explore.

2. Thailand

Haad Tien Beach, Thailand beaches, the best places to travel alone

The reason I think Thailand is one of the best places to travel alone is that you will meet many other travelers when you go. Thailand has some of the best beaches and food in the world, and it’s a very affordable place to travel for solo travelers.

3. The Greek Islands

the best places to travel alone

I have visited the Greek Islands twice already, and am going back soon because they are my favorite islands in the world. Greece has some of the prettiest beaches, the warmest people, and the best food. The ferry and bus system is excellent in Greece which make it very easy to get around when traveling solo.

4. Indonesia

best snorkelingthe best places to travel alone Many people think of Bali when they think Indonesia, but Indonesia is made up of  more than fourteen thousand islands. Bali is nice to visit if you get outside touristy Ubud, and I adore the Gili Islands, especially Gili Air. The Kei Islands is where the picture above was taken, and has some of the best snorkeling in the world.  But, even better for snorkeling and diving was Raja Ampat, which is part of Papua. There, I even snorkeled with manta rays.

5. Barcelona

the best places to travel alone barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to just wander around and get lost in. I loved walking the streets, looking at the incredible architecture, and eating at the Boqueria Market. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches in Barcelona, and the public transportation makes it easy to get around. As a solo traveler, you will make plenty of friends at the tapas bars in Barcelona, too.

6. Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal best beaches in the world the best places to travel alone

Lagos, Portugal wasn’t just one of the best places to travel alone, it was one of my favorite places to visit ever. The beaches were some of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen. The food from the Algarve area of Portugal is incredible, and the Old Town area has great restaurants and nightlife. Most people spoke English, too, which make it an even easier place to travel.

Where do you think the best places to travel alone are? Let me know in the comments below.