5 Best Snorkeling Spots In The World

5 Best Snorkeling Spots In The World

One of the reasons I like beaches so much is because I love snorkeling. I love the ocean life that I see and the feeling of being in a different world when I am snorkeling. Here are the best snorkeling spots that I have been to.

5 Best Snorkeling Spots In The World

1. Raja Ampat, Papua

best snorkeling Manta ray seen while diving in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is, without a doubt, the best snorkeling place I have ever been to. This archipelago is part of West Papua in Indonesia and has the richest marine biodiversity on earth. I snorkeled with manta rays, huge schools of fish, enormous clams, and saw more types of coral than I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes, it’s a long journey to get there, but it really is one of the last paradises on earth.

2. Kei Kecil, Indonesia

best snorkeling

I was definitely out of my comfort zone when I traveled to Kei Kecil, but it was definitely worth it. Snorkeling in the clear, sparkling waters, I saw clown fish, incredible coral formations, huge purple starfish, and spotted blue rays. Dolphins frolicked around the boat, and I’ve been to few places that are more beautiful. Kei Kecil is part of the Maluku Spice Islands, and the sand you will find on the beaches is some of the whitest and finest that you will experience anywhere.

3. Maui, Hawaii

best snorkeling in Maui

I lived in Hawaii for three years, and I found the best snorkeling in Hawaii to be on Maui. This website has a good map of the different areas available for snorkeling. One of my favorite areas was Papalaua State Wayside Park. There were gorgeous coral gardens and beautiful fish. There are also sea turtles in the area. If your main goal is to see the green sea turtles, the best snorkeling is at Turtle Town where you will see a huge population of them.

4. Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is my favorite island in Thailand, and is located on the border of  the Tarutao National Marine Park. You will find the best snorkeling by taking a boat tour, but there is also excellent snorkeling just off the beaches of Koh Lipe. Along with colorful fish, you will see moray eels, stingrays, black-tip reef sharks, and lobsters.

5. Ambergris Caye, Belize

best snorkeling belize barrier reef

Ambergris Caye is located on the largest Barrier reef in the western hemisphere, and is an incredible spot to snorkel. The Cut at Hol Chan’s Marine Reserve is a natural channel through the reef, and you will see some of the biggest schools of fish of your life here. Snapper, huge grouper, Tarpon, and Moray eels are just some of the things that I saw. I also loved Shark Ray Alley where I saw stingrays and nurse sharks.

Where have you found the best snorkeling? Let me know in the comments below!