Val enjoying a becak ride, Ambon

Ambon, Maluku,The Capital Of The Spice Islands-Not To Be Missed Photos

Ambon, Maluku is the capital of the spice islands.  It is a pretty island, and the main area of town can have pretty views that overlook the bay.  It is also a bustling city, and in no way is the air perfumed with spices like I thought it would be.  (Think rotting durian fruit, fried foods, and gasoline fumes).  It is, however, perfumed with a rich culture that I enjoyed visiting.  They weren’t used to tourists here, and I found that I spent most of my time posing for pictures.  I loved riding the becaks or bicycle rickshaws to get around. I did find that finding good restaurants here was a bit of a challenge.  It is however, worth a visit for a few days to see some of the sites and do a little shopping.
My Fan Club, Ambon Maluku

My Fan Club

Local people from Ambon

If I only had $1 for each picture they took!

Market in Ambon

Market Street in Ambon

Ambon Bemos


Ambon Food Stalls

Food Stalls


Ambon Food Stall


Ambon Transportation

Transport by Becak

Durian in Ambon

Choosing the Durian

Durian Season in Ambon

So Much Durian


Ambon's busy streets from a becak

Crowded Streets

Val enjoying a becak ride, Ambon

Getting Around By Becak

Becak Driver in Ambon

My favorite becak driver

Becak Driver in Ambon

Imagine peddling people on a bicycle all day and still smiling?

Christmas tree in Ambon restaurant

Christmas in April


Finally a good café in Ambon!
Val at an Ambon Cafe

Waiting for crepes and coffee

Ambon crepes with nutmeg jam

Crepes with nutmeg jam

Chicken at the Ambon Market

Fresh Chicken

Chilies at Ambon Market


Ambon Veggies


Fish at the Ambon Market

Fish On A Stick

Happy woman in Ambon


View from hotel in Ambon

Hotel Room View

Food in Ambon

Fried chicken and leaves

Restaurant in Ambon

Ambon Restaurant

Ambon child

You do not look like me, and I want to know why.

 Which pictures are your favorite?  What would you like to see more of?  Please comment and let me know!