Things To Do In Bali: Bali Healing And Its Balians

Things To Do In Bali: Bali Healing And Its Balians

You will never run out of things to do in Bali. However, after reading the book Eat, Pray, Love, many people find themselves curious about visiting a traditional healer, or balian. Besides the balian, there are many other healers and practitioners available to treat imbalances of energy in the body.

There are actually more balians in Bali than there are doctors.  In this article, I am going to spotlight some of the best ones that I have visited. Also, I will tell you about my experience, and give you the balian’s contact information. I only visited healers in the Ubud area of Bali, but there are many others throughout the rest of the Bali area. Also, make sure to check out my article, 7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali.

Guru Made Sumantra, healing in Bali, things to do in Bali

Guru Made Sumantra

Things To Do In Bali: Bali Healing And Its Balians

1.  Tjokorda Gde Rai-He is a very famous healer or balian in Bali, and just about every taxi driver knows of him and how to get there.  This was an amazing healing.

Mr Rai. pokes your toes with a stick, and depending on where you feel pain, he can find what needs healing. He also puts his fingers in your ears, and on various spots on your head. I had been having some serious blood sugar issues before going to him.  He said that I had problems with my pancreas, and he used energy healing and meridian work to fix it. My blood sugar issues have disappeared since going to him.

He also said that I had a blocked salivary gland which he unblocked.  I didn’t know until that healing that it was possible to taste food so intensely.  He also brought up some emotional issues that I was having. And he brought healing to those issues. I honestly felt like going to him changed my entire life. Actually, going to all of these healers has changed my life, but he definitely dealt with the most issues at the same time.  Cost: If you can afford to pay it, $20.  If not, whatever you can afford to give.  Location:  The village of Puri Negari-Singapadu Tengah-Sukawati Telephone: +62 361 294 565

2.  Pak Man –Pak Man was the most hands on type of healer and the most painful. But, I felt one of the most profound experiences with him, and I am very glad that I visited him.

He doesn’t speak much English, so I first visited with him and his British wife on the front porch while she translated. He started by doing an energy analysis of me. And, he said that if I wasn’t careful that I was going to have a stroke. This stopped me in my tracks, as I was very aware that I had let my stress levels get out of  control in my life. I was then taken to the dark treatment room where I laid down on a mat on the floor while he worked on me. He did what I would call a type of massage, but much more intense of a massage than I’ve ever had. It was deep and it was painful. When I say painful, I don’t mean the type of “I’ll just breathe through the pain” sort of painful. I mean, I learned what it meant to writhe in pain, to scream out in pain, to want to leave the earth because I didn’t think it was possible to endure such pain.

He massaged my internal organs.  At one point it felt like he was separating tendons in my arms. He would look at me sometimes, and ask, “Pain?”.  I would nod my head in helplessness, and he would just smile and go deeper.  While it sounds horrible, I am so glad that I suffered through. I believe our memories are stored in our body tissues, and there were a few points in which I physically saw old painful memories rise up and leave my body.  It was amazing to me because it was like these memories were struggling to break free.  It was like my body didn’t want to let them go.

Sometimes, it was like he was tearing them from my body.  I feel like these “memories” were the cause of many imbalances in my body, and while immediately after, I felt wracked with exhaustion, I felt a release.  I felt lighter and freer.  I had bruises on my body for a few days, but many physical digestive issues and other issues that I was having have not returned.

He did tell me later that he went deeper on me than he does on most people, but that he felt my body needed it.  However, I have talked to others who have gone to him, and many others feel pain from him as well.  Yes, it was painful, but the healing that has resulted in my body is well worth the hours of pain that I endured. Cost:  $4o a session.  Location:  The village of Kutuh Kelod near the Botanical Gardens. They will text you exact directions when you make an appointment.  Telephone:  081 338 935 369

3.  Guru Made Sumantra-This was a very beautiful energetic healing that left me feeling full of energy and just glowing afterwards.  Made used intuition to access my energy field and to bring balance and healing to my chakras and aura.  He performed this healing using Dasa Vayu, which is very similar to Reiki.

He told me that I had felt very tired which was true because I had holes in my energy field.  This was causing people to take energy from me without giving back. This was definitely something that was going on in my life, and I couldn’t figure out why.

He gave me some meditation exercises to do to keep my energy field strong.  He also opened my crown chakra which was an extremely beautiful experience.  He ended by performing the  Balinese melukat ceremony for self-purification with me.  I tilted my head down and he poured water and flowers on top, and at the end, put rice on my forehead.  I loved that he used a combination of many healing treatments on me.  This was a very special experience, and one that I feel brought a lot of healing into my life on an energetic level.  Cost: $50 Address: Jl. Lungsiakan at Yoga Healing Bali Phone: 087 861 187 825 Website:

4. Agus Sihman-Agus is an intuitive reader very much the same as Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray Love.  Whereas, Ketut is said to now give everyone the same generic reading, and charges over $60, Agus spends an unlimited amount of time with you and gives a very in-depth reading.

He saw that I was prone to digestive problems which is true, and said there is now nothing wrong with my organs, but that I have a thin stomach lining, and need to be careful with spicy foods.  He also said I was wanting to make a change in my life, which is true, and that I needed to follow my heart in my life and not get caught up in my mind.  That is was only my mind bringing me fear.

He gave a very in-depth reading telling me many things that were true and offering guidance and advice for the future.  I very much enjoyed my visit with him.  Cost:  $30 Address: Pondok Intan Asri A.21 Phone +62361-8971019  or  +628510039622 WhatsApp : +6285739459421 Skype : AGUS INDRAKUSUMA Email : [email protected]

I can personally recommend these people for Bali healing.  I do recommend that if you are looking for things to do in Bali and thinking of going to visit a healer, that you visit out of more than just curiosity.

These healings aren’t tourist attractions, but very real treatments that will change your life and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You may have old memories surface. Sometimes you will have to push through pain to reach the healing. All of these healers and healings should be approached with a state of reverence and sacred respect. I have never experienced these types of healings in the Western world, and I am grateful to have been guided to these healers who have set my life on a new path of wholeness. I am so very grateful.


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