5 Rainy Day Vacation Tips

5 Rainy Day Vacation Tips


No matter where you plan to vacation, there is a high chance that you will experience a rainy day. While you are at home, rainy days give you an opportunity to catch up on household chores, but when you are on vacation, you can be caught twiddling your thumbs. However, rainy days do not have to be a wasted day of the holiday, far from it. There are a wealth of rainy day activities that can give you a fun-filled day that add a different dimension to your vacation experience. Here are five rainy day activities that you can do on vacation:

  1. Museums

Every town has museums, and what better reason to explore them than a rainy day. You may ordinarily intend to spend as much time as possible outdoors on vacation, but when the heavens open, visiting a museum is a fantastic alternative. Seek out the more unusual museums or spend the day learning about the local history of your destination.

  1. Theatre

While you may not want to forego a day at the beach for a trip to the theatre, a matinee performance is a great way to support local creatives and spend an afternoon. Going to the theatre is often a luxury that you don’t typically indulge in, but a matinee performance is a less expensive way to get your cultural fix.

  1. Spa

What better way to relax on holiday than visiting a spa. You don’t want to be stuck indoors when the weather is fine, so rain can provide you the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. There is nothing quite as relaxing as having a massage to the soundtrack of rainfall. Plus, a few hours of enforced relaxation will make you feel like your vacation has been extended as your feelings of wellbeing reach new levels.

  1. Escape Rooms

The popularity of Escape Rooms has grown enormously over the past few years, and they are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Not only will you be out of the rain, but you will have your mystery solving skills pushed to the limit and often with hilarious outcomes. Check out Escape Room in Cincinnati, Ohio to see what they are all about.

  1. Read a book

With daily schedules being so hectic, a rainy day is the time when you can indulge in reading a good book. Typically finding the time to sit back and enjoy a book is tricky, so while you are away from home’s distractions take advantage of the opportunity and devour a new piece of literature. Hotels often have guest libraries that are made up of books that holidaymakers have finished reading and donated, and so you may just find a new author that you have never come across before.

While you can’t control Mother Nature, you can make sure that she doesn’t dampen your vacation. Rainy days can be used to experience things that ordinarily you would not. So, don’t dismay at the change of weather, but embrace and accept it, and enjoy the rest of your vacation.