Bedulu Resort-One Of The Best Places To Stay In Amed, Bali

Bedulu Resort-One Of The Best Places To Stay In Amed, Bali

Are you looking for places to stay in Amed, Bali? The Bedulu Resort is a true haven which impressed me from the moment that I arrived. I arrived hot and sticky from the boat over from the Gili Islands and walked up the few steps to the open air restaurant which doubles as a lobby for the hotel.

I didn’t have to walk many steps before I was greeted by three smiling Balinese faces (their smiles just melt by heart) who rushed towards me to take the bags from my hands and help me up the stairs. I was led inside and told to sit where I was then greeted with a chilled washcloth that was scented with flower water and a glass of cold freshly squeezed orange juice.

I then answered the usual Balinese questions that you are asked when checking in. Not what is your name, address, and phone number. But, “Where did you come from? Where are you going next? Are you alone?” (As I looked around me and wondered if they saw someone I didn’t see), and “Are you married?” After I answered those questions, I guess I passed inspection and was led to my glorious bungalow.

Bedulu Resort Daybed-Place To Stay In Amed

I quickly saw why I needed the refreshing juice! The bungalows are on top of a mountain, and the steps you climb give you a workout better than any stair master. Really it’s only about a five minute walk, but a lot of stairs and pretty steep.

Even though the path is lit, it is helpful to have a flashlight at night. It is worth the workout though because once you arrive at the top, you are treated to an amazing view. A stunning view of the ocean spreads out before you and you feel like you never want to leave.

The grounds of the hotel are also beautiful with tropical plants and flowers everywhere. One of the windows in my room has a view of huge banana leaves. In the bathroom tendrils of vines curl against the glass just begging to come in. The infinity pool is probably the hotel’s greatest feature. It looks like you will swim right off the cliff and into the ocean.

Places To Stay in Amed-The Bedulu Resort Infinity Pool

My room was just glorious. First of all, I loved how private it was. I entered under an arched doorway to my garden yard which was surrounded by a leafy hedge for privacy. You will have a few visitors your first day. People live in the mountains above, and I had village women coming by to offer a massage on the daybed which is part of the lovely porch of the bungalow. I gratefully accepted that offer.

Also, some just came to say hello and ask the four Balinese traditional questions. They never walked past the arched doorway though, unless I invited them to. The day bed was such a great feature as two of the days that I stayed, Amed had heavy tropical rain showers, and I enjoyed sitting and watching the storms, the lightning flash over the ocean, and appreciating the amazing view.

Bedulu Resort Bed Hotels in Amed

The architecture of the room was very well thought out. Embedded in the floor are river stones which gently massage your feet when you walk upon them. The stones are also embedded in designs in the bathroom walls, and the bathtub which is made of Javanese sandstone and river rocks is just pure luxury.

I felt like I was on my own honeymoon with the big white flower-strewn bed that rose out to greet me from the center of the room. There was even a vase of fresh flowers set on the counter above my pillow which scented my dreams with exotic, intoxicating fragrance each night. I loved seeing the ocean from bed and loved being cocooned in the wispy mosquito netting each night. The room also had a refrigerator stocked with water, sodas, and beer, a fan and an A/C. The door locked securely with a padlock on the outside.

The only thing that left me with concern, as a single traveler, is that it didn’t really lock from the inside. There is a piece of wood that latches, but anyone can open it from the outside.

Bathtub at Bedulu Resort Places To Stay in Amed

The staff is also very friendly and gracious and I loved talking with them each day. Breakfast also comes with the room and the choices include omelets, banana pancakes and poached eggs. Also, they serve the Balinese coffee which is some of the best coffee that you will ever drink.

Make sure you try the pizza in the evenings. It is cooked in a brick oven over coconut husks. I had a tropical one with ham, pineapple, and chiles on it. Probably one of the best pizzas of my life!

Window View Hotels in Amed Bedulu Resort

If you don’t wish to stay high on the hill, there are more standard rooms just above the restaurant. However, they are smaller and not nearly as luxurious as the bungalows with their amazing views. If you are looking for a great hotel in Amed, I highly recommend the Bedulu Resort.

Val self portrait at Bedulu Resort-One of the best places to stay in Bali