Best Swimming Spots for Summer in Sydney

Best Swimming Spots for Summer in Sydney

When the summer heat becomes too much, most of us head to the beach, a river or waterhole, anything to try to cool off. It’s what Australians do. If you’re a tourist, trust us, you will have an amazing time, even if that means leaving the hotels refreshing air conditioning. You can find a great range of hotels here, but we urge you that getting out and exploring on the hot summer days is an absolute must! So why not make a day of it. Pack a picnic, load the family, or invite your friends and head out to enjoy the pristine beaches and waters that surround Sydney.

All the usual places will be full of people with beaches like the ever-popular Bondi beach and Bondi Icebergs pool nearby. With this in mind you may want to head to a slightly less crowded beach, so here are some alternatives to Bondi. Not that Bondi isn’t great… we love Bondi.

North Curl Curl Rock Pool

Head up north away from the crowds and enjoy the long expanse of white sand and turquoise waters of North Curl Curl beach. It’s a lot easier to find a spot for the family and is also complete with a café and kid friendly rock pool for those that aren’t great swimmers.

Clovelly Bay Beach and Rock Pool

A popular snorkelling area, this gem is a favourite with locals and just around a few headlands over from Bondi. Enjoy the natural kid friendly rock pool or take the built-in stairs straight into the ocean to spend hours snorkelling among the abundant marine life. Oh, and be sure to say hi to ‘Bluey’ the resident Blue Groper.


One of Sydney’s most popular beaches for a reason, Manly is more than just a beach. With pubs and shops galore on the other side of the road, it’s a great place for families to escape for the day. Easily accessible by car, you also have the option to add some fun by taking a ferry across the harbour where Manly’s golden shores are invitingly waiting for you. Spend your morning swimming, then enjoy a pub lunch or sit on the beach with your fish ‘n’ chips, relaxing while you watch the surfer’s incredible manoeuvres.

Balmoral Beach

Tucked away but never forgotten, this horseshoe bay is a delight to visit. Enjoy some time relaxing around or even just a quick visit to go for a swim, grab some fish ‘n’ chips or enjoy an ice-cream. Sunset walks along the shore are a popular past time and there is a safe netted area for the kids. Beautiful walks through the National Park are just up the road if you feel like immersing yourself in nature, and they also lead to the beaches on the other side of the headland so you can visit more than one beach.

Gordons Bay, Coogee

A stunning bay where the crystal-clear waters invite you in to their turquoise and jade depths. It’s hard to pass up this gem tucked away just north of Coogee. Usually a bit less populated as it’s only accessible from the Coastal Walkway, you have to park at either end of Coogee or Clovelly and walk around. The locals love this nice scenic bay, for its calm waters and scenic backdrop.

A little further out

Jelly bean Pool, Glenbrook

Shaped like a jellybean and filled with cool mountain water, how is this not the best way to spend a day out with the family? A great day trip and nature walk rolled into one, the kids will love it here. No crowds, surrounded by nature and there are stairs in the steeper places along the well-defined walking track leading to the freshwater pool that is a blessing on a hot summers day. This is definitely a full day activity, being an hour and a half drive from the Sydney area.

Bents Basin, Greendale

You may as well pack the tent along with the kids, throw the kayak on the roof and make a weekend of it because once the kids see this place they won’t want to leave. It’s got it all – hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking or just relaxing under a shady tree to distress and read a book. The open grassy areas are made for camping while kayak lovers enjoy the calm waters and disappear exploring for hours on end.

Less Visited Spots –

Resolute Beach, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

A steep downhill 2km walk means this beach is usually less crowded, in fact, sometimes you have it all to yourself. Enjoy a peaceful day of swimming, picnicking and enjoying the truly amazing views as you look out over the emerald waters towards Pittwater. For nature lovers, this is a dream beach for a quiet relaxing day out without being surrounded by noisy tourists. Plus, you get the added benefit of a free workout on the walk down and back up again. There’s also plenty of shade to shelter under from the midday sun so you don’t go home with a nice red tan.

Simmo’s Beach, Macquarie Fields

Another quiet freshwater gem, Simmo’s Beach is a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the crowded Sydney beaches. The white sand just beacons you to sit and relax in-between swims which you’ll want to do before climbing the stairwell back up. This reserve also has amazing scenic views from the timber deck up top where you can try to spot the endangered Little Lorikeet which is one of the threatened species that lives in the reserve. Walking trails and a large playground for the kids make this one an awesome pick.

Close to the heart of Sydney and it’s surrounds are a wealth of beaches and swimming holes to take the heat out of your summers days and weekends. Kid friendly rock pools and cool mountain waterholes are all you need to enjoy an amazing day outside immersed in the ocean or a nature reserve, so this summer, get out there and explore. Some of the great swimming spots are found outside of the Sydney area, don’t be afraid to travel that little extra for an incredible time.