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Disney World Hacks: The Best Disney World Tips To Make Your Trip Easy

There are ways to save money on Disney World tickets and ways to beat the long lines if you know the Disney World hacks. This article has the best Disney World tips to make your Disney World vacation an easy one.

Disney World Hacks: The Best Disney World Tips

disney world hacks, disney world tips

1. Eat Your Meals Outside Of The Disney World Park

disney world hacks, disney world tips

The meals at the Disney World Park are very expensive. My family always ate outside the park to save money. This is one of the best Disney World hacks to save money. We usually got to Disney World when the gates opened, then went for lunch, a swim in the hotel pool, and had a nap before returning to Disney World until the gates closed.

Take a picnic and enjoy the lake view at Disney Springs. You can also go to the Earl of Sandwich there to pick up inexpensive sandwiches. Or take the kids to Steak n Shake at 12163 S. Apopka-Vineland Road (aka CR 435), which is close to the Disney theme park. You can also bring your own food and bottled water inside the theme park if you prefer not to leave. Restaurants inside the theme park will give you free water, so don’t let yourself get dehydrated. A time-saving Disney world hack is to plan on having a later lunch than everyone else, you will find the lines are not so long at the typical lunchtime when everyone else is eating.

2. Arrive At Disney World When The Gates Open

Disney World hacks, Disney World tips

Another of the Disney World tips that my parents taught me was to arrive at the park right when it opened. Go to the most popular rides at that time, and the lines will be much shorter. Towards the end of the night, the crowds also thin out, and are the second best time to ride the more popular rides.

3. Avoid Long Lines With The Disney FastPass

Avoid huge queues with Disney Park tickets that include FastPass service. FastPass allows you to make reservations for rides, entertainment, and more. This helps you to save time and exhaustion that results from waiting in long lines.

4. Ride The Disney World Railroad If The Kids Are Getting Tired

Disney world hacks, Disney World Tips

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While a ride on the Disney World Railroad may seem a little tame compared to some of the other attractions, it is a lifesaver if you or the kids are tired. The Railroad takes you on a 25-minute circle tour of the Magic Kingdom, and if you are still tired when it makes its way back to where you started, you aren’t required to get off. Some other attractions to visit when you are tired are The Carousel of Progress and People Mover.

5. Visit Websites For Discounts And Coupons For Orlando

There are many websites full of discounts and coupons to save you money in Orlando. Make sure to use them, and you can save money on hotels, restaurants, and other activities in Orlando.

6. Buy Disney Gift Cards At Target Using The Target Red Card

If you use the Target Red Card, Target gives you 5% off of the Disney Gift cards. This is one of the Disney World hacks that will save you money with each card you buy.

7. Save Your Parade Watching Time For The Electrical Parade At Night

Disney World hacks, Disney World tips

Nothing makes a person crankier than standing in the Orlando heat watching a parade. Save your energy, and wait to watch the parade at night when all of the floats are lit up. Not only is the parade better, but the cooler temperatures at night will save you from having heat stroke. This is one of the Disney World tips that you will be glad you followed.

8. Use The Single Rider Lines

The Single Rider lines are often shorter. You may not ride together as a family this way, but it’s a great way to breeze quickly through the lines.

9. Don’t Visit Disney World On A Monday

Mondays are the busiest day of the week at Disney World, so avoid Mondays for less crowds. Also, Christmas week is very busy, so it’s best to avoid this week if you want to avoid the crowds.

10. Bring Your Own Stroller

The strollers at Disney World are very expensive to rent, so you will save a lot of money if you bring your own stroller instead of renting theirs.

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