Bali Hai Terraced Rice Fields

More Pictures Of Ubud, Bali

Ubud has captured my heart and soul so much that I can’t just post one photo gallery. This is a place whose rice fields and streets I could walk every day for the rest of my life and still find something new to photograph.  I hope these pictures of Ubud capture the essence of Bali for you in the same way that living these moments did for me.

Ubud woman carrying stuff on head

Bali Roads

Not For Sale

Not For Sale

Ogoh Ogoh In Ubud

Ogoh Ogoh

Bali Hai Terraced Rice Fields

Bali Hai

Crispy Duck In Bali

Crispy Duck

Restaurant In The Rice Fields

Restaurant In The Rice Fields

Hot Springs In Bali

Hot Springs

Bali Temple Offering

Temple Offering

Woman washing at the purification springs in Bali

Purification Springs

Bali Temple

Bali Jungle Temple

May Peace Prevail On Earth

May Peace Prevail On Earth (On Mars, Too!)

Through The Gate

Through The Gate

Boy with coconuts in Ubud

Can we just get rid of the plastic bottles and drink from coconuts instead?

Black Dog in Ubud

This Dog Reminded Me Of A Crow

Guy Reading In Front Of Store

Does This Guy Realize He Is The Art?

Truck Full of coconuts in Ubud

We won’t run out of coconuts today!

Val under shade tree in Ubud

I wish the US had more trees like this lining its sidewalks

Val with Ubud Kids

Their Mom Begged Me To Be In A Picture With Her Kids

Bored women in Ubud salon

Can Too Much Harmony Lead To Boredom?

Chicken Sate With Peanut sauce in Ubud

Yummy Chicken Sate With Peanut Sauce

Val in Ubud

Finally! A Frozen Drink In Ubud!

Frozen Ginger Lime Basil Mojito

Frozen Ginger Lime Basil Mojito

Carved Statue In Ubud

Carved Statue In Ubud

Woman Carrying Supplies On Her Head In Ubud

All In A Day’s Work!

Boy with his tailor mom in Ubud

Boy With His Mom Who Is Sewing My Bag

Eating Ice Cream In Ubud

My favorite! Ice Cream!!

Offering In Ubud

Teddy Graham Offering

Shoes in Ubud

So Many Shoes!

Pig in Ubud!

The Pig!

Ibu Oka Pork in Ubud

Ibu Oka Pork

Val in Ubud

Just Before Sinking My Teeth Into The Pork


Scooters in Ubud


Ibu Oka Pork in Ubud

Ibu Oka-The Place To Go For Pork In Ubud

Ubud Street Workers

Ubud Street Workers

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