Coral in Raja Ampat, best diving

Pictures From Raja Ampat, Papua-The Best Diving Spot In The World!

Raja Ampat is the best diving spot in the world.  I still can’t believe that I got to swim with manta rays there!! I also saw the most vibrantly colored coral I’ve ever seen, the biggest clams, many sharks, beautiful fish, and so much more.  If you are a diver or a snorkeler, I highly recommend a trip to Raja Ampat.
Aerial View of Raja Ampat

Aerial View of Raja Ampat

View of Raja Ampat from boat, best divingFootprints in the sandDiving in Raja AmpatA Crab in Raja AmpatMorning light on the palm trees, Raja Ampat

Coral in Raja Ampat

House on the water in Raja AmpatVal in Raja AmpatMan on a boat, Raja AmpatMan on a wood-filled longboat, Raja AmpatBoat filled with a family in Raja AmpatFamily on a small boat, Raja AmpatFamily on boat, Raja AmpatLocal family on boat, Raja AmpatFamily on boat, Raja AmpatIMG_3412 IMG_3453 IMG_3450 IMG_3448 IMG_3446 IMG_3430 IMG_3415best diving in Raja Ampat IMG_8327 IMG_8326 IMG_8324 IMG_8323 IMG_8320 IMG_8319 Manta ray in Raja Ampat, Best Diving IMG_8357 IMG_8356 IMG_8355 IMG_8353 IMG_8351 IMG_8329 IMG_3581 IMG_3579 IMG_3577 IMG_3570 IMG_3562 IMG_3558 IMG_3557 IMG_3556 IMG_3555 IMG_3552 IMG_3549 IMG_3548 IMG_3547 IMG_3546 IMG_3541 IMG_3540 IMG_3539 IMG_3538 IMG_3534 IMG_3533 IMG_3531 IMG_3517 IMG_3515 IMG_3506 IMG_3501 IMG_3489-001 IMG_3488 IMG_3482 IMG_3480 IMG_3478 Best Diving in Raja Ampat, Boat dock IMG_8395 IMG_8394 IMG_8393 IMG_8385 IMG_8371 IMG_8369 IMG_8367 IMG_8357 IMG_8356

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