Do You Prefer Paper Or E-Tickets?

I was reading this article, which was researched by Cartridge Save, about how 81% of people now prefer e-tickets over paper tickets. People prefer not to print their ticket, but to show the e-ticket on their smartphone or mobile device. (By the way, Southwest Airlines is credited with offering the world’s first e-ticket in 1994.)

I thought I’d ask you what you prefer? Paper or electronic? Here are some pros and cons for you to consider.

Pro’s Of Using E-Tickets

1. More Environmentally Friendly

Not using more paper is definitely better from an ecological standpoint. In fact, I was recently in Portland, OR, and I was amazed that many of the vendors at restaurants and shops allowed me to have my receipt emailed to me instead of printing out more paper that would get lost or thrown away. I hope the rest of the world will soon follow in these footsteps.

2. Convenience

The main reason why people are switching to e-tickets is the convenience. It’s one less piece of paper to keep up with or look for. Most people know where their phone is at all times, so it makes showing your ticket simple and easy.

3. It’s Impossible To Lose An E-Ticket

Since your information is stored on a computer, you don’t have to worry about losing your ticket. If you’re like me the less their is to lose when traveling, the better.

Cons Of Using E-Tickets

1. You Don’t Get To Keep The Ticket As A Souvenir

Some people are collectors, and save every ticket they ever have. So, yes, when you use an e-ticket, there is no souvenir. I say take some great photos and let those be your souvenir instead.

2. Security

Another concern that people have with e-tickets is security. Should your phone become lost or stolen, that definitely can be an issue.

3. Your Phone Could Die

If your phone dies before you check in, you could have a problem. For that reason, many people still prefer to print a confirmation of their e-ticket or use paper tickets.

What’s your preference? Let me know in the comments below!