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Big Announcement: 11 Reasons Why I Will Be Traveling To Iceland

I’ve got the travel bug again, so I’ve decided where to go next. The main place that keeps capturing my interest is Iceland. So, I’m going to be traveling to Iceland in May. Here’s what I will be doing on my Iceland vacation and the reasons I’ve decided to travel there.

11 Reasons Why I Will Be Traveling To Iceland 

1. Magical Waterfalls

traveling to Iceland waterfall

Waterfalls are one of my favorite forms of nature, and the waterfalls in Iceland look glorious. There is an interesting legend behind Barnafoss waterfall, and it’s just one of the many waterfalls I hope to visit while traveling to Iceland. Barnafoss is only one hour away from Reykjavík, so it’s definitely on my list.

2. Icebergs

traveling to iceland

I am really excited to see the drifting icebergs and glaciers of Iceland. I am especially looking forward to visiting the mesmerizing blue ice cave in Iceland and seeing this fantasy world for myself.

3. Hiking The Mountains

traveling to iceland

I love to hike, and when I saw some of the beautiful mountains to hike, it just gave me another reason for traveling to Iceland. I plan to hike the Víknaslóðir trail in the land of the elves

4. The Food Of Iceland

traveling to Iceland

Photo by Rich Renomeron, Flickr CC

Another reason I am looking forward to traveling to Iceland is the food. Iceland food looks very different from any other food I have eaten, and I am looking forward to trying some new flavors. The lobster soup looks like it will be my favorite thing to eat.

5. The Geysers

reasons for traveling to iceland

The Golden Circle has an area of exploding geysers which shoot water 100 feet into the air. You can also boil eggs in the water, which I also did in Thailand when I visited. But, they have a special bonus. Iceland also bakes a dark rye bread underground near the geysers which I can’t wait to sample.

6. The Blue Lagoon

traveling to Iceland blue lagoon

I can’t think of anything better than soaking my bones in the steaming, crystal blue waters of Iceland’s blue lagoon. Oh, wait, yes, I can. The lagoon also has a swim-up bar, and they offer massages in the water.

7. The Northern Lights

traveling to iceland Iceland northern lights

I will be visiting Iceland in May, so it’s not the ideal viewing time for the Northern Lights (September and October or March and April are the best times), but I am still hoping that I see them. You never know in Iceland.

8. Iceland’s Scenic Beaches

traveling to Iceland Iceland beaches

A lot of people don’t think of beaches when they think of Iceland, but Iceland has some of the most scenic beaches in the world. It’s usually too cold to swim in the ocean there, but not at Nautholsvik Beach in Reykjavik which is a thermal beach heated by hot water flowing into the bay. In Iceland, you can find beaches with white, red, yellow, and black sand. I can’t wait!!

9. More Hours In The Day To See All The Things

traveling to Iceland

In Iceland, my biggest wish will finally come true (the one for more hours in each day). The sun will set for only a few hours each day in May, so I will have more time to see all the things. Hey, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

10. Squeee….Puffins!

traveling to Iceland puffin

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen such an adorable creature?

11. Art In Iceland

traveling to iceland

Ice sculptures aren’t the only art that Iceland has to offer. Reykjavík has quite the cultural scene and is full of art galleries and museums, sculptures, and  designer boutiques. The Icelandic Art Center has a helpful gallery guide which shows where all the local art galleries are located.

Will you be traveling to Iceland soon? What are your reasons for visiting Iceland?

Let me know in the comments below!