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Before You Leave: 4 Tips To Save You Money While You Travel

For weeks now you’ve made a full-time job out of planning your trip.  You’ve stressed about where you will go, where you will stay, and what you will see when you get there.  Have you even stopped to think about doing the things that could save you money while you travel?  Here are four of the most important things not to forget.

1.  Store Your Stuff

If you are renting and are going to be traveling long-term, then why pay rent just to keep your stuff?  Renting self storage space is a much more affordable option. Besides being cheaper than paying rent for an apartment or house, it will give you a chance to see just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and to get rid of some of it.  It will also leave you more free to keep traveling if you want.  After all, many long-term travelers have left for two months but have found up actually traveling for three years.  Once you get started it’s hard to stop, and who wants to feel like they have to stop their travels because they have an apartment they have to get back to?

2.  Rent Out Your House To Other Travelers

If you own a house, renting it out on Airbnb or Tripping are good options.  You can leave the keys in a lockbox and have a friend be the contact person if anything goes wrong.  It’s great to make a little money while you are gone instead of just letting your house stand empty.

3.  Put Everything You Can On Vacation Hold

Did you know that while you are traveling, you can put your car insurance on a vacation hold, and not pay anything while you are gone?  I did this when I traveled for three months and saved about $350!! (You may want to keep the comprehensive coverage on your car in case it gets stolen or damaged.) You can also do this with your cell phone, your home phone service, and your internet.  The phone companies tend to charge around $10 a month to put it on standby, but that’s better than paying the full bill.  Also, you might as well cancel your Netflix account, your newspaper, your gym membership  and any other services that you won’t need while you are away.  These are easy tips to follow that will save you money that you can spend on your travels.

4.  Don’t Buy All Of Your Travel Supplies At Retail Or Online Stores

Are you even aware of the amazing treasures to be found at garage sales and thrift stores?  You can find travel clothing, backpacks, books for the plane, and most of the travel gear that you could possibly need at these places. You will save a great deal of money, and will also be doing your part to recycle. It’s a win-win situation.  (Hey, maybe, you can even encourage the 5-year old girl selling lemonade to save some of her money for her own travel fund!) If, you can’t find what you need at garage sales, however, you can usually find the best deals online shopping.

These tips will save you money which will leave you worrying less and enjoying more.  Have a great trip! Oh, and leave me a comment below and let me know where you are going on your next trip!