The Splendor of 'The Land Down Under'

The Splendor of ‘The Land Down Under’


Australia is a very vast country(the world’s sixth largest) and as such has a vast array of attractions for visitors. There are a lot of things to see and do in Australia. This list has some of the most impressive sights and activities that draw tourists to Australia.

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Australia has the strangest and most unique flora and fauna of all continents. Perhaps the most impressive and famous of these are kangaroos, the world’s largest marsupials and they are common in the outskirts of many urban centers. Another marsupial, the koala, is also renowned and loved across the world. Monotremes (egg-laying mammals) such as the duck-billed platypus also make up the fauna. A visit to some of Australia’s many wildlife parks, zoos and sanctuaries is a great way to see some of these unique creatures. In total it is estimated that Australia has 450 species of mammals, 750 bird species, 140 species of snakes and 2 species of crocodile. 

Cities and Urban life

Being one of the most urbanized countries in the world, Australia’s city life is a great attraction. Large cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth have quality restaurants and hotels offering all kinds of cuisine. Melbourne prides itself as the center of Australian art while Brisbane is a melting spot for urban culture. Perth, a city surrounded by wilderness, is renowned as a shopping city particularly for precious metals and pearls. In Sydney, the world-famous Opera House is Australia’s most recognizable building. All major cities have large casinos, with Melbourne boasting Crown Casino which is the largest in the southern hemisphere. Horse racing is a popular sport in Australia with off-track and on-track betting allowed. Nightclubs and bars are common throughout these cities and they all have a vibrant night life. 

Culture and cuisine

Although the country has a multicultural population, Australian culture is heavily influenced by British culture. Cultural features of the indigenous Aboriginal inhabitants can be experienced by visiting the Northern Territory. In Kakadu National Park ( a World Heritage Area and UNESCO site), several indigenous tribes still live traditionally and there are also many rock painting sites from the Neolithic era. Indigenous dishes include kangaroo, crocodile and emu meat though these are a rarity as the animals are protected. 

Landscapes and Beaches

The Uluru or Ayers rock in the Northern Territory is an iconic rock formation that offers great opportunities for site seeing and rock climbing. The Dandenong Ranges and Blue Mountains offer picturesque scenery and are great for hiking trips. Australia has some of the most impressive and extensive sandy beaches in the world. The world-renowned Bondi Beach in Sydney and Surfer’s paradise on the Gold coast are ideal for surfing or for a swim in the ocean. On the Queensland coast, snorkeling is a popular pastime for guests seeking a peek at the Great Barrier Reef. Off the coast of Western Australia, the Ningaloo Reef also attracts scuba divers and snorkelers. 


In the coming months, there are many music and art events scheduled to take place across various cities in Australia. Some of the most anticipated concerts include the Queen tour on 1st September and The Rolling Stones’ 14 ON FIRE Tour scheduled for 18th November. Other entertainers expected to tour include Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry among others. Tickets can be purchased online on Ticketbis at

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