Sponsored Post: The Best Things To Do In Spring In Tokyo

Sponsored Post: The Best Things To Do In Spring In Tokyo

While Tokyo is a great place to visit anytime of year, Spring is an especially popular time to visit. There’s just so much to see and do. Here are some of the things you won’t want to miss in the Spring in Tokyo which takes place from March through May.

1. View The Cherry Blossoms

Things To Do In The Spring In Tokyo

There’s no better way to spend Spring than by laying down a mat under the cherry blossoms while imbibing on bento and drinks. Early Spring is the best time to visit and a festival mood prevails during this anticipated yearly event.

2. Enjoy Strawberry Season

Don’t miss strawberry season in Tokyo. There are many places close to Tokyo to pick your own. Or stay in the city and enjoy the many strawberry flavored food and drinks that are on offer.

3. See The Wisteria

The best place in Tokyo to see the wisteria is Kameido Tenjin, a beautiful shrine with a pond that reflects these gorgeous blossoms. The arched bridge here makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

4. Attend The Matsuri Festival

This festival is sponsored by the shrine at Sensoji, Tokyo’s most visited temple. The festival attracts up to 2 million spectators and features around 100 neighborhood mikoshi teams.

5. Go Clam-Digging

In Tokyo, the most popular spots for clam-digging are around Tokyo Bay, such as Odaiba Beach, Haneda, and Jonanjima Sea Park on Tsubasa Beach. This is one of the most popular Spring activities for Japanese families. Grab a bucket, net, and digging rake and enjoy the bounty from the sea.

6. Visit The Ueno Toshogu Spring Peony Festival

The peony garden at Ueno’s Toshogu Shrine has over 110 varieties and the 5-story pagoda behind the blooms provides the perfect backdrop.

7. Attend The Aoi Matsuri Festival

The Aoi Matsuri includes a variety of events over a two-week period. The most popular is its main parade of 500 participants dressed in Heian Period Imperial court fashions. This is the world’s oldest continuously running festival and is a lot of fun to attend.

8. Go Camping

Spring is the best time to go camping in Japan, as the weather is perfect, and the humidity of Summer hasn’t set in. There are many great spots to camp just outside of Tokyo. Make sure to rent a car so you can enjoy the scenic drive. Route 20 takes you through the countryside past Mount Takao and is absolutely gorgeous. Where else but in Japan can you drive past tea fields, rice fields, and pine forests?

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