George Clooney travel hacking and flying for free "Up in the air"

Travel Hacking: How To Fly For Free Like George Clooney

Travel hacking was first brought to my attention by watching George Clooney in “Up In The Air”.  He sure had the system beat, collecting as many frequent flyer miles as he could. Well, if I told you that travel hacking is real and that you can fly and stay in hotels for free, would you start spinning the globe and planning your next adventure?

“Nomadic Matt”- Career Traveler Shows You How

I have learned a lot from Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt. His book even taught me how to create this blog.  Well, now he has written The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking.  I read the book, and I just used his advice to book my own free flight to Europe. In case, you don’t know what travel hacking is, it is using loyalty rewards systems to gain hundreds of thousands of miles per year without traveling.  His book showed me all kinds of tips on how to fly for free and to stay in hotels without paying anything.  In fact, my goal is to use his advice to collect enough points to stay in one of those overwater bungalows in Tahiti.

Matt collected over 400,000 frequent flier and hotel points this year alone.  In his book, he talks about all kinds of ways that I didn’t even know existed that you can collect these points. Most people say that the main reason they don’t travel is because they don’t have enough money to.  Well, Matt teaches you how to make money not be an issue on your travels.  He teaches you how to save hundreds of dollars on your travels.

What I really liked about this book was that Matt took the complexity out of travel hacking.  I have always thought travel hacking was a complicated thing to learn, but Matt’s book explains how to start earning those reward points in a way that I can understand.  It’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  He also has some great charts at the end of the book that compare all the airline and hotel reward programs.  If you want to save money on travel, then I highly recommend this book.  After all, you will make up for the cost of the book with your first free flight or hotel stay.

Buy The Book

If you want to buy Matt’s book The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking, you can click here.  (By the way, it’s on sale for the next 48 hours!)  Matt has also written many other great books on travel which you can find here.

Happy travel hacking!!

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