5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

The one thing that Costa Rica isn’t lacking is beautiful beaches. Whether you want to visit the Costa Rica beaches on the Pacific or Caribbean coastlines, or a beach with black, white, or brown sand, you have many choices. Costa Rica was one of my favorite places to visit. I’m a beach lover, but I also fell in love with the wildlife of Costa Rica.

The great thing is there are always plenty of things to do in Costa Rica. Costa Rica also has something for every travel style whether you prefer to stay at one of the Costa Rica resorts or to camp. It can be a little difficult to get around, so I recommend using bookaway.com for your transfers. And, you can’t forget the wonderful Costa Rican food. If you explore, you will find it’s more than rice and beans. I especially love the ceviche found near the beach areas. Here are my recommendations for the Costa Rica beaches not to miss.

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

1. Playa Carate Beach, Osa Peninsula

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

Playa Carate is in front of the incredible Corcovado National Park. The sand is almost black, and the surf is strong. There is a small lagoon on the beach that huge butterflies frolic around. You may see scarlet macaws overhead or hear monkeys in the rain forest behind you. The sunsets are some of the most stunning ones I’ve ever seen in my life.

2. Playa Manuel Antonio

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

Playa Manuel Antonio is next to the national park and is great for cooling off after your hike through the jungle. The jungle is full of sloths, monkeys, bats, lizards, and other wildlife. The swimming is great at this beach, as the waves are flat, and the snorkeling is also good. There are also campsites with showers, restrooms, and drinking water.

3. Playa Uvita

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience Photo Credit: Joe Dsilva via Compfight cc

Playa Uvita has gorgeous white sand and great snorkeling. The mountain views and beach caves make this a stunning beach. There are crocodiles in the area, so be alert.

4. Playa Guiones, Nosara

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

Photo Credit: Chris Goldberg via Flickr CC

You can’t find a better beach for surfing than Guiones. The beach is long, the waves are consistent. With its unobstructed night views of the sky, you can spend the evening stargazing at the many bonfire parties along the beach. This is one of those Costa Rica beaches that you just won’t want to leave.

5. Playa Avellana, Guanacaste

5 Costa Rica Beaches You Must Experience

Photo Credit: 533338296 via Flickr CC

Since the waves at Playa Avellana often reach up to 18 feet, the locals call this Costa Rica beach “Little Hawaii.”  The undertow is strong at this beach, so if you aren’t an experienced swimmer, it’s best to just watch the waves from the shore. The boogie boarding is phenomenal. There is a restaurant right on the beach, Lola’s, where it’s fun to order a drink, say hi to Lolita the pig, and watch the surfers.

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