Sunrise over the Pacific

The Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park

The Osa Peninsula

The Osa Peninsula was one of the most astounding places that I’ve ever visited.  With its misty beaches, its abundant wildlife,  and remote location, I truly felt like I had come to the ends of the Earth.

I stayed at the La Leona Ecolodge and being right on the beach, it was wonderful to hear the ocean waves every night. The rooms here are tent cabins.  They have enclosed tropical garden bathrooms.  It was lovely to shower beneath a palm tree.  There is no electricity in the rooms, nor internet connection which made it feel like a true escape.

I highly recommend getting the meal package as the food at the restaurant was delicious. Meal time is at the same time every night, and everyone who is staying at the lodge gathers for dinner.  The chef comes out and plays guitar after dinner, and it makes for a lovely community experience.  For more about the lodge you can visit their website

A Sunset on the Osa Peninsula

There are many things to do while you are here. Of course, you can relax on the beach. The ocean currents are pretty strong here, so it’s best to go into the freshwater lagoon to cool off.  The lagoon is beautiful with birds and butterflies flying around and the water is refreshingly cold.

You can hike through the rainforest on your own which I did one day. It was fun go at my own pace. The hotel also offers guided hikes, and  I was glad to take one of these as I saw many animals I otherwise wouldn’t have seen on my own.

There are lovely hammocks scattered around  the grounds which you can nap in or look up and watch the scarlet macaws and other birds flying overhead.  The bird watching here was some of the best I have ever seen.  But, what you definitely don’t want to miss are the sunsets.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen prettier ones. Costa Rica is also a great place to travel alone, and you will meet many travelers on your journey there.

 Getting Here

I took the adventurous route when I was here, taking a small plane to Puerto Jiminez, and then taking the collectivo to Carate (which was basically a long, adventurous ride in the back of a livestock truck down the worst bumpy road I’ve ever been on). Once you are here, if you are staying at La Leona, you are met with a horse-drawn cart which takes your luggage while you take a glorious 45 minute walk down the misty beach to get to the hotel.

 It is quite the adventure, but you are greeted with passion fruit cocktails and astounding views once you arrive, which for me, was exactly at sunset and would have to be one of my favorite arrivals to a hotel ever.

There is however, now an easier route.  We learned once we arrived, that there is a plane runway at Carate and you can skip the livestock truck bumpy road bit.  I would contact the hotel to have them help you make the flight reservation.  Also, their webpage is very detailed on helping you arrive, and you can find them at

In front of the collectivo

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