things to do during a layover

Fun Things To Do During A Layover That Aren’t Boring

Airport layovers are the worst. Thinking of things to do during a layover can be challenging, especially when we are excited to get to our destination. Don’t forget, part of mindful travel , is remembering that the journey is part of the trip. There are plenty of fun things to do during your layover to make the most of it. Here are my suggestions:

Fun Things To Do During A Layover:

1. Talk To Strangers

It’s amazing all the things we will do to avoid being present in the moment. We find ourselves bored when there are other humans around us who have interesting stories and lives that we can learn about. Some of them might even have messages for us or have something to teach us. A fun way to meet strangers at airports is to use the hashtag on Twitter for the airport that we are in. You can find others who are interested in meeting up for a coffee or a drink, and have a much more fascinating time than by staring at your iPhone the whole time.

2. Play Games

Take a board game with you on your flight and invite a stranger to play. Or plays games online, and win a few dollars to spend on your vacation. You can start out ahead with a Genting casino bonus, that gives you free spins when you start. Be really outrageous and roll out a Twister game on the airport floor, and meet some fun people this way.

3. People Watch

Make up interesting stories about the people in the airport. See if you can guess where they are from and what they do for a living. See if you can guess where they are traveling to or from.

4. Write Someone A Letter

When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter? No, not sent them an email but sent them a letter that they got in the mail? The airport usually has stores full of greeting cards and stationery. Surprise someone and send them the gift of your words.

5. Play A Musical Instrument

things to do during a layover

Do you play a musical instrument? Give the gift of music to the people rushing through the airport, or to others sitting there bored out of their minds. I have found playing a musical instrument one of the most fun things to do during a layover. I play the Tibetan bowls, and it’s incredible to watch people visibly relax as they listen to the magical sounds.

6. Work Out

Many airports have gyms to work out at, or you can go for a walk or do yoga in the airport. This is a great way to get ready for the next segment of your flight.

7. Listen To A Podcast

Learn something new by listening to a podcast. Listen to people’s stories and let yourself be entertained.

8. Go Shopping

Now is a great time to get gifts for the hosts of the place you are traveling to, or to do some present buying for yourself. There can be some great stores in the airport. Check them out.

What do you like doing during an airport layover? Let me know in the comments below!