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Tibetan Singing Bowl Lessons: The Best Thing I Did In Nepal

On my trip to Nepal, I saw and did many wondrous things.


I was awed by stunning sunrises.

Nagarkot sunrise

I met incredible people.

child from Nepal

 I came to know the true meaning of the word, “Namaste”.

Nepal people


I celebrated Tihar, the festival of light.

Tihar in Nepal

But none of these experiences affected me the way that taking Tibetan singing bowl lessons did.

The Tibetan singing bowl lessons changed my life.

I took the lessons from 3rd generation master, Shree K. Shahi.

Tibetan singing bowl master

He has taught Tibetan singing bowl lessons for over 32 years.

I learned Chakra therapy, chanting with the bowls, water therapy, shamanic techniques, and so much more.

Tibetan singing bowl master

The bowls taught me lessons, too. They taught me to touch lightly, not to hold tightly, to let the bowl tell me how it wanted to sing.

Tibetan singing bowls

They taught me to go slowly, to savor, and not to rush. They taught me to listen so deeply that I forgot anything else other than what I was listening to.

Tibetan singing bowls

They taught me that in order for me to bring balance to the world, I first had to balance myself.

Tibetan singing bowls

They taught me to hear the sounds between the silence.  I learned Divine Order, how to align with the flow of the sound, how to let it unfold with ease. I learned to allow things to happen as they wish to happen.

Tibetan singing bowls

Shree’s passion for the music of the Tibetan bowls brought me to tears.  He didn’t just pass on the knowledge of how to play the bowls. He shared with me his passion. A passion that I now want to give to the world.

Tibetan singing bowls

Shree K. Shahi teaches Tibetan singing bowl lessons through the Kathmandu Center of Healing.  One course is twelve hours (3 days at 4 hours per day) and costs 30,000 Nepalese Rupees (about $300 USD).  You also receive a certificate for completing the course.

Valen Dawson