10 Amazing Things To Do In Lapland

10 Amazing Things To Do In Lapland

With great flight deals happening everyday, Lapland has become the new destination of choice for people to spend their winter holidays. This region has 200 days of winter, and has become the perfect vacation spot for people looking to spend their holiday in the snow. Here are the best things to do in Lapland:

1. Break The Ice

Take a cruise on the Sampo Icebreaker which used to be the icebreaker for the Finnish government. The adventurers get to suit up in waterproof survivor suits and float on the icy water.


Image courtesy of The White Circle

2.  Go On A Snowmobile Safari

Taking a snowmobile safari allows you to go to remote regions of Lapland and really appreciate the scale of the wilderness. You will enjoy breathtaking views of frozen lakes and snow-covered mountain peaks.  Riding the snowmobiles is magical and there are few experiences in life which can compare to it.

3.  See The Northern Lights

Seeing the northern lights is on everyone’s bucket list, and if it’s not, then it should be. The best time to see the Northern Lights of Lapland is between January and April. If you’re not there during these times, don’t forget there’s a lot to see in Lapland beyond Northern lights.

4.  Go Ice Karting

Ice karting is go karting with studded tires on an ice/snow track. It’s quite the adrenaline rush and fun and laughter are guaranteed.

5. Visit Santa Claus Village

Yes, it’s a big tourist spot, but it’s still worth a visit. This is Santa’s official home, and if you have kids, they will love it. You can take them to meet Santa Claus in his office, and visit the Santa Claus Post Office. The adults will love the ice sculptures.  And in walking distance from Santa Claus Village is Santa Park, an underground amusement park which has sleigh rides and elf shows.


photo credit: ViolettaRosso via photopin cc

6.  Visit The Ranua Zoo

The Ranua Zoo is a great way to see all of the native and Arctic animals. You will see polar bears, owls, wild boars, foxes, and moose. Don’t miss seeing the animals at feeding time, and if you can, stay for the night safari.

7.  Explore Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park

If scenic landscape such as fells surrounded by forests and mires in their natural state appeals to you, then don’t miss this park.  There are plenty of breathtaking walks to choose from, and you might even see a reindeer or two. This park is located just a few miles from Muoni town.

8.  Ski The Slopes At The Yllas Ski Resort

Snowboarders and skiers will love the slopes at the Yllas Ski Resort. The resort has the longest runs in Finland.  There’s also a great choice of accommodations, restaurants, bars, and activities. You can also go on reindeer and husky safaris, or go horseback riding.

9.  Stay At The Lainio Snow Village

Every year, one thousand truck loads of snow are used to create the Lainio Snow Village.  The snow village has a restaurant and bar, lobbies, hotel rooms and suites, as well as outdoor buildings such as walls, slides and ice sculptures.  There are 30 rooms, and everything is made of ice and snow from the beds down to the chairs and tables. Don’t miss the ice chapel!

10.  Relax At A Finnish Sauna

After all that activity, you are going to relax. No one does saunas like the Finnish. Finland has more saunas than cars, so you won’t have trouble finding one.

Featured photo credit: esapekka via photopin cc