California Beaches To Discover

7 California Beaches To Discover

Most people who go on their holidays to America choose California as one of their destinations. California offers so much from delicious food and incredible wine tasting to stunning natural beauty and wildlife. There’s just so many things to do in California! But, it’s the California beaches that have won my heart. They are all so different and definitely worth visiting. Here is a California beaches list to add to your itinerary.

California Beaches To Discover

California Beaches To Discover

1. Carmel City Beach, Carmel

California Beaches To Discover

Photo by David Schroeder, Flickr CC

If you’re looking for a beach whose majesty you can get lost in, head to Carmel City Beach. This beach offers serenity and a view that few places can match. Go at sunrise for a blissful experience. Carmel also offers beautiful scenic drives and some of the best dining experiences in California, so this is a spot that shouldn’t be missed.

2. Tennessee Cove, Mill Valley


Tennessee Cove, in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is one of the great California beaches to visit if you are looking for a secluded spot. This dark sand beach requires a two-mile hike to get there. The path is well-marked, and you will be rewarded with a beautiful beach with high rock walls that surround it. If you are lucky, you just might see whales just off the beach.

3. Laguna Beach, Laguna

California Beaches To Discover

Laguna Beach is one of those California beaches you think of when you think of California. It’s great for people watching, jumping in the ocean waves, or lying in the sun and letting the world go by. There are tide pools on one end, and plenty of restaurants and bars for grabbing some food or a drink. Make sure to stay for sunset.

4. La Jolla Cove, San Diego

California Beaches To Discover

Photo by Priya Saihgal, Flickr CC

If you came to California to see sea lions, La Jolla Cove is where you want to be. This California beach is great for snorkeling, diving, and swimming, and you will see the bright orange Garibaldi fish here. The sounds and sights of the ocean waves here are unmatched, and the tide pools are full of sea life.

5. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach

California Beaches To Explore

Photo by Tours Departing Daily, Flickr CC

You may have heard of black sand beaches, and even green sand ones, bit have you ever heard of purple sand? Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur has purple sand due to the high levels of manganese. The water is cold, but the beautiful rock formations and beautiful views make this beach worth visiting. Head towards the north end of the beach for the most purple sand.

6. Black Sands Beach, The Lost Coast-Shelter Cove

California Beaches To Discover

Black Sands beach is one of the most unusual and breathtaking places in the world. The undertow at this beach is very dangerous, so don’t try to swim here. It’s a short hike to get down to the beach, which makes this more of a secluded beach. This black pebble beach with incredible mountain views is truly heaven on earth.

7. El Matador Beach, Malibu

7 California Beaches To Discover

Photo by ™ Pacheco, Flickr CC

This California beach is definitely Malibu’s most glorious beach. If you are there at the right time, you can see the whale migration from here. This is a great place to take a picnic, listen to the crashing waves, explore the rock formations, and watch the sunset.