The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I'm Moving To Hawaii Now

The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I’m Moving To Hawaii Now

And me? I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment… It lasts forever.

• Richard, The Beach (2000)

I recently made the announcement that I’m moving to Hawaii. Those of you who have followed my journey know that almost three years ago, I sold all my stuff to travel the world. I decided to live my dream. My dream of seeing the world, to have adventures, and to live a life of freedom. But, as I saw more and more of the world, I realized that what I had really been in search of wasn’t more of the world, but more of myself.

Zipolite: A Complete Guide. Moving To Hawaii

My life before travel had been spent in a corporate job that, while teaching me many things that helped me eventually realize my life purpose, didn’t make the best use of my strengths. Every time I traveled, I found myself again. I had time to write. I inspired others, and I found inspiration myself through my travels. But, I had also used travel as an escape. An escape from the day to day monotony that wasn’t who I was. I learned so much through my travels, worked with healers that healed my body and my pain, and came to realize what my true purpose and passions were.

I realized that I really did need to build a life I didn’t need a vacation from. I am a big believer that what you desire leads you to your purpose. After a recent trip to Zipolite Beach in Mexico, I realized that I needed to live near the ocean again. Hawaii had been on my mind a lot. I lived there for three years earlier in my life, and I had booked a trip there to go back and visit in June. I started having dreams. Dreams of being inside the volcano with Pele, Hawaiian menuhune appeared to me in other dreams, telling me, “We thought we lost you.” I am one of those people who pays attention to my dream state, and all I knew what that every part of my soul was telling me to go back. “So, that’s it”, I decided, “I’m moving to Hawaii again.”

Today, I had a travel agency approach me about working with them to lead group tours of Hawaii. These won’t be just any group tours, though. They will be combined with workshops that I lead that show you how to create the life you want, and how to follow your own purpose. I know my purpose is to inspire others and to help them follow their dreams. ( More on this in my book, “Dream Catcher: The Magic Of Living Your Dream Life“) If you want to be put on my mailing list for the upcoming group tours, email me at [email protected].

I couldn’t be more excited about moving to Hawaii. Everything in my life has definitely pointed me back to this Paradise that stole my heart, when I lived there before, and I’m thrilled to be heading back. Here are just some of the reasons I can’t wait to go back there.

The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I’m Moving To Hawaii Now

The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I'm Moving To Hawaii Now

1. The Hawaiian Beaches Are Some Of The Best In The World

Whether you’re looking for red sand, black sand, white sand, or even green sand beaches, Hawaii has it all. Some of the beaches have huge roaring waves, or you can find tranquil bays that are smooth as glass. My best beach memory of Hawaii was borrowing John Travolta’s kayak (that’s a story in itself) and kayaking alongside dolphins as the sun came up.

2. Erupting Volcanoes

The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I'm Moving To Hawaii Now

There is something about the magical power of volcanoes that has always fascinated me. Volcanoes remind me of the awesome power that is enveloped in our earth. I love how the elements of fire and water combine in Hawaii, both of which have my deep respect and are a reminder to me to be more conscious in protecting the resources that we have been so generously given.

3. The Stunning Hiking

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When I told people that I was hiring a moving company and moving back to Hawaii, I was surprised by their reactions. “Why don’t you move to Florida or a Mexican beach?”, they asked. While beaches just about anywhere make me happy, I need to live in a place that offers more than just pretty beaches. I need nature in all of its forms. And, that’s what I love about Hawaii. There’s nothing in the world like the stunning view of the emerald green Koolau mountains or the Na Pali coastline seen from a kayak. Waterfalls flow freely on the islands, and hidden swimming holes beckon me to jump in and let my inner child play. Hawaii offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails I’ve ever been on, and, next to the beaches, it’s what I’m most excited about.

4. The Ono Hawaiian Food Scene

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Honolulu, where I will be living, has restaurants that rival those in San Francisco in New York. I have never lived in a place that has better seafood offerings. The fish is the freshest I’ve ever had in my life. Give me poke and some chopsticks, and I’m happy for the day.  Then, there’s the plate lunch. A scoop of rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, and a choice of meat (usually, something with gravy). Seriously, comfort food doesn’t get better than this. Loco moco, BBQ chicken or pork, chicken katsu, fried mahi mahi. I’ve never eaten the same since leaving Hawaii. There’s also the whole Asian food scene, which I don’t think any other city outside of Asian comes close to comparing to. I adore China Town in Honolulu. It’s a real China Town, not one that’s there just for tourists.

The island of Oahu has a farmer’s market somewhere on the island every day, and the other islands have markets, too. The fresh fruits and vegetables that grow abundantly on the islands were the staple of my diet when I used to live there, and I ate the healthiest I ever have when I lived in Hawaii. I think that moving to Hawaii is a very good decision foodwise. You can follow my food adventures on my other site, Eating the Globe.

5. The Aloha Spirit

The Exciting 5 Reasons Why I'm Moving To Hawaii Now

Many people think aloha means love, hello, or goodbye. And it does, but the meaning goes deeper than that. It means “the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).” When I lived in Hawaii before, I noticed that people were deeply present in the moment in my conversations with them.

So, much so, that many people forget their other responsibilities which has coined the phrase, “Hawaiian time.”! Life runs a slower pace, people look you in the eyes. There is a kindness and friendliness that pervades the islands, and that I miss deeply.

My neighbors shared the mangoes from their trees. My friends became not just friends, but ohana (family). We talked about all sharing a house, and taking care of one another when we grew old. Our gatherings didn’t center around going out drinking together or partying.

They centered around sharing meals together, hiking trails together, kayaking past turtles and dolphins, late nights spent walking the beach together, talking about the deeper things of life. The unique mix of cultures in Hawaii bring in a melting pot of ideas, traditions, and rituals that America was based upon. What it comes down to, is that in Hawaii, as in all of my life, I feel blessed. And that feeling is what I hope to spread to the world.

Aloha nui loa,


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