Introducing Travel Scamming: Avoid The Scams And Travel Safe

I am excited to announce to everyone that I have a second website that I’ve been working on,Travel Scamming.  I  still have a lot of information to add, but I wanted to let everyone know about it.  Many of you probably remember the scammers who tried to take me for a ride in Sri Lanka.  Well, one of the comments, I got on that article was that there should be somewhere for people to go to read about the scams that can happen in certain areas when you are traveling.  Well, I thought that was a perfect idea, so I took it and ran with it.  I will also be adding safety tips and advice as well.  My mission is to encourage others who may be afraid to travel to get out and see this beautiful world of ours.  I also want those who already travel a lot to find out about the travel scams that are out there that could put a damper on their vacation. So, if you have any scams that you know about or that have happened to you, let me know.  Thanks so much for following along on my travels and adventures.

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