Flower in Victoria Garden, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Pictures From Ella, Sri Lanka To Nuwara Eliya

Ella, Sri Lanka was one of those places that you see a beautiful picture of, and so you decide to go.  The problem is once you get there and you’ve seen the one waterfall where the beautiful pictures were taken, that’s it, and you wonder why you came so far to see so little.  But what made it all worth it was the glorious train ride through the tea plantations to Nuwara Eliya.  The scenery was stunning.  I made friends with a local family who even offered to share their lunch with me. It was here  I really started to feel the hospitality of the Sri Lankan people and also the hardships they have had to go through in their country.  On a sadder note, the state of Victoria Park in Nuwara Eliya brought me to tears as there was trash everywhere and knife carvings in the plants themselves.  It was here I sensed the despair and pain of the people who lived in Sri Lanka.  I hope these pictures from Ella and Nuwara Eliya will move you in the same way that being in this place moved me.

Val in Ella Sri Lanka

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