Elephant Family at Yala Park

Pictures of Yala National Park

Yala National Park was my favorite part of Sri Lanka.  Getting to see leopards, elephants, water buffalo, monkeys, and peacocks all in the same day in their natural habitat was incredible.  My favorite part was seeing the elephants.  I could have watched them all day.  It’s easy to forget what majestic beings we are sharing the earth with, and a visit here will remind you of why we need to all do our part to protect it.  I feel a lot of gratitude for the chance to have seen these animals and to have had the opportunity to be so close to them.  I hope these pictures of Yala Park will give you a sense of what it was like to be there.
Ok, the cow wasn’t in Yala Park ,but on the way back from there.  I felt just plain sorry for him.
IMG_5143 Yala Park elephantIMG_5130 IMG_5096 IMG_5088 IMG_5058 IMG_5047 IMG_5032 IMG_5031 IMG_5022 IMG_5013 IMG_4977 IMG_4965 IMG_4960 IMG_4953 IMG_4920 IMG_4914 IMG_4906 IMG_4900 IMG_4899 IMG_4894IMG_5141 IMG_5138 IMG_5128 IMG_5123 IMG_5099 IMG_5088 IMG_5079 IMG_5066 IMG_5065 IMG_5064 IMG_5063 IMG_5057 IMG_5052 IMG_4907 - Copy IMG_4900 - Copy IMG_4888 - Copy IMG_4882 - Copy IMG_4866 - Copy IMG_4865 - Copy IMG_4856 - Copy IMG_4842 - Copy Monkeys in Yala ParkIMG_4891 IMG_4886 IMG_4882 IMG_4849 IMG_4847 IMG_4833 IMG_4825 IMG_4816 IMG_4813 Yala Park Sunrise