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San Miguel de Allende Food: 4 Places For Sweet Treats

Yes, I’ve got a sweet tooth.  My favorite book as a child was, “The Sweet Touch” where everything the girl touched turns to candy.  I am loving all the San Miguel de Allende food, but my particular favorite are all the amazing desserts that San Miguel has to offer.  Here are 4 of my favorites for dessert in San Miguel de Allende.
Donuts at La Buena Vida Bakery, San Miguel de Allende food

Doughnuts from La Buena Vida Bakery

1.  La Buena Vida Bakery

La Buena Vida is my favorite bakery in San Miguel de Allende for many reasons ( the bread, the cinnamon rolls, the chocolate croissants, cookies) but my favorite thing by far are their doughnuts.  They are absolutely perfect.  My favorite one is the naranja one with bits of orange zest covering the top.  They also make the best pumpkin pie that I’ve ever had for the Holidays.  You can get these at the Saturday organic market or at the bakery’s location at  Hernández Macías # 72-5. 01 415 152 2211

Mente Cacao chocolate-San Miguel de Allende food

Chocolates from Mente Cacao

2.  Mente Cacao

Mente Cacao has some of the best chocolate and chocolate products that I’ve ever had. They make the chocolate with honey which tastes amazing and is better for you than sugar.  And the chocolate mezcal is the stuff dreams are made of.  They also sell big bars of chocolate for baking and pure cocoa butter for cooking with or for putting on your skin.  And if you want to know all there is to know about chocolate, start talking to the owner, Eduardo.  For him, chocolate is a healing sacrament and you will never find anyone else more passionate about the subject.  You can find the chocolate at the Saturday Organic Market or at their store at Salida Real a Querétaro No. 82, Centro.  52 (415) 124 1898

Cajeta churro San Augustin Chocolates and Churros-food in San Miguel de Allende

Cajeta churro from San Augustin Chocolates and Churros

3.  San Augustin Chocolates & Churros

The cajeta churro at San Augustin Chocolates & Churros is my comfort dessert, it is the dessert that transports me, it is the dessert I think of when I think dessert.  I do everything I can to not go down the street this place is located on because I know if I do, I will find my way inside.  Located at 21 San Francisco.  415-154-9102

Cupcakes from Sweetwater Catering-San Miguel de Allende food

Chocolate Cupcakes from Sweetwater Catering

4.  SweetWater Catering – Gluten, Dairy Free Meals and Desserts

I have never been a fan of gluten-free desserts until now.  Everything I have eaten at SweetWater Catering has been incredible. The desserts are so incredible, that I wouldn’t know that they were gluten-free if they didn’t tell me.  I have tried the avocado key lime pie, the amazingly moist chocolate cupcakes, the perfect chocolate chips cookies, and the carrot cake that is the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.  Joze and Andrea Lopez know what they are doing.  They are also at the  Saturday organic market and you can also find their products at Via Organica, Natura, and La Bodega Organica.  415-154-6029

Now that I’ve led you astray and tempted you with this world of desserts, I do have a recommendation for a personal trainer in San Miguel de Allende if you want to work off all of these treats. Crystal Calderoni offers exercise classes and personal training for people of all ages and fitness levels, even those who like their dessert.

Val Dawson

What’s your favorite place for dessert in San Miguel de Allende?  Let me know in the comments below!