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San Miguel de Allende Restaurants: 7 Cheap Eats

There are many wonderful San Miguel de Allende restaurants to choose from. Here are my recommendations for the cheap eats where the food is usually even better than what you will pay at some of the more expensive restaurants in town which cater to tourists.

¡Buen provecho!

1.  La Valentina Antojitos-

This place is right off of the Jardin and is super cheap.  They have great posole, flautas and soups, usually between 35-60 pesos.  ($3-$5).  It’s one of my favorite places to eat when activities are going on in the Jardin, as you don’t have to walk very far to get something to eat.  I also love that I’m usually the only gringo there.  Located on the corner of the Plaza Principal and Calle Solano.  

La Valentina Antojitos, San Miguel de Allende restaurants

La Valentina Antojitos

2.  Los Burritos-

Los Burritos is also one of the San Miguel restaurants where I’m usually the only gringo.  They make their own flour tortillas right in front of you.  You can order burritos or quesadillas filled with guisados (meat stews) or other items like my personal favorite rajas con crema (poblanos in cream sauce).  I always take a package of tortillas to take home.  Prices range from 10-20 pesos per item.  (.75-$1.50). Located at Hidalgo 23.


Los Burritos, San Miguel de Allende

Inside Los Burritos

3.  El Tucan-  

This is about as casual as it gets.  Two tables with plastic chairs make up this restaurant. The courtyard gives you a lovely view of the family’s laundry drying in the sun. I’d recommend not using the restroom.  But, they have some of cheapest and greatest food I’ve found compared to other San Miguel de Allende restaurants.  I mean, where else can you get a huge slab of bistec that comes with salad and fries for 70 pesos ($5.50) or the best bargain, the perfect chorizo torta for 20 pesos ($1.50)?  Located at Hernando Macias #56.

Chorizo torta El Tucan San Miguel de Allende

Chorizo Torta At El Tucan

4.  The pastor taco cart owned by Andy

I’m still trying to taste all the tacos in San Miguel, but I can’t because I keep going back to Andy’s.  Andy’s has amazing pastor, bistec, and chorizo tacos and gringas.  If you don’t know what a gringa is, it’s a flour tortilla with meat and cheese. If I could only have one meal in San Miguel, it would be at this taco cart.  If you are walking by, the sound of the meat sizzling, the smell of onions and chiles making its way to your nose will continually make a detour to this cart, and you will spend the rest of your night saying, “Uno mas.” over and over again. Located at Insurgentes, #85.

Tacos pastor restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

Pastor At Andy’s Taco Cart

5.  La Alborada

The pozole here is the thing to get especially on cold nights.  It’s steaming and delicious.  You can choose between beef, pork, or chicken for 60 pesos ($4.50 US).  They also have great flautas and enchiladas.  This restaurant is the one that you have to walk through to get to  Cafe Organico de Chiapas.  Located at Calle Solano 11.  

6.  El Buen Cafe

While the food isn’t as cheap as some of the other places listed here, you still get amazing value at  the El Buen Cafe.  Chef Eric from Seattle cooks up some of the best food in San Miguel in an artful, relaxed setting.  The menu changes weekly for dinner, and you can also get breakfast (think gingerbread pancakes!) and lunch.  You can get local Mexican food or, if you are tired of Mexican, he cooks a variety of food from Asian to his beer brined pork tenderloin. He also makes his own pasta, but my personal favorite is his arrachera steak with bacon gravy.  Eric also melted my heart with his roasted banana ginger ice cream.  It was all I could do not to rush back to the kitchen, spoon in hand, and eat the whole batch.  If you can’t tell, I’m a little smitten with this place. Prices range from 60-150 pesos ($4.50-$12) Located at San Jorge 26 in San Antonio.

Arrachera in Bacon Gravy at El Buen Cafe, restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

Arrachera in Bacon Gravy at El Buen Cafe

7.  Muro Cafe-

The 99 peso three-course lunch special is one of the best deals in the area.  This San Miguel de Allende restaurant does not cut corners.  You get beautiful presentation, amazing food, and a agua fresca and coffee or tea with your meal.  Plus, with the art adorning the walls and the beautiful courtyard, this place just makes me happy.  Located at Loreto 10-B. 

Tortilla soup at Muro Cafe, Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

Tortilla Soup at Muro Cafe

I hope you have these recommendations of San Miguel de Allende restaurants.  If you want to learn more about San Miguel restaurants, check out my website, Eating The Globe. 

By the way, if you are moving to Mexico, I highly recommend the book, “Mexico: The Trick Is Living Here.”  It’s filled with invaluable information about everything you need to know concerning your move to Mexico!

Val Dawson